One wizard and a Ghoul

Just thought I would pop in and say hello and show you a couple of pictures too.
This is a 24th scale Elven Wizard and a bit of a traveler. I am thinking of adding a worn and well traveled old hat....?
Here is another of my ghoul tyde dollys......its always fun making these and they sleep live in little coffins.
I will have to take some more pictures to show you where they rest.....I do have a little mini sweeny Ghoul doll that wants to say hello....he did have a Mrs Lovit but she went home with someone else....poor mr Todd!

Julie xxx

Witchy Poos

Good grief.....almost missed Kat the Hats Halloween blog party ....blush, blush!! Please pop over to kats lovely blog if you havent there are some fantastic go put the kettle on or your fave tipple and pop on over.
Been viewing a house and signing papers ect...hence being so late.........Anyway wont go on, are a few piccys, they are a bit rushed and not brilliant....right will stop waffling away...for :O)

Esimae the Gold witch 12th scale
Hetty the 24th scale witch
Ghoul Tyde Dolly

Ally Pally

I know i have been a bit quite this year but inbetween babys, commissions and other stuff....I have been busy getting ready for my first fair....... Ally Pally!!!

Talk about nerves and excitement all shook up in one bottle....
Im really looking forward to it but getting ready for just the one fair has set my knees shaking....for all those of you that do this throughout the have my upmost admiration!

I thought it was about time that i got back here and let you know what i have been up too.
I did start off with a to do list but that sort of got put in the bin and I have ended up with a right motley crew.
I have witches, wizards, spookies, some wierd little critters that dont even have a name yet and some toys for magical folk and the children of witches and wizards. Oh and cant forget for grown ups who never really grew up.....i put my own hand up to that one :O)

They are all in different stages of being finished but the one thing I have had finished for a while is the toys........I had great fun with these and have tons of ideas bouncing around for more.......they are just such fun to make.
The little one up top is 3.5 cm tall , not the best picture but it was taken rather quickly as im off to the hospital to see little Eli.
I will try and post some more when i get home....really hope you like her.


Something Magical

This photo is always going to bring a lump to my throat, no matter how many times i have already looked at it, I have glassed over.
Eli was meant to be born around the 4th of November but decided that he was going to say hello to the world on the 10th of August.
Due to being so early, he was rushed into a NICU cot as soon as he was born and so the picture above is Jade and Eli having there first ever cuddle together, 8 days after of his birth.
Hes our first grandchild and we are so proud of both of them and just had to share this with you.



Blast from the past!

I thought I would pop up one of my sketches.....cant quite believe the date........well they say time flys but...............June 08!!!

This witch was inspired from a mix of burlesque and a TV series called Bewitched. I remember trying to wiggle and twitch my nose like Sam but I never could manage it :O)
I don't often sketch ideas out for my figures and its not often they end up the same.......mind you, the sketches arent exactly how I see them in my head I guess they just evolve in their own way as I go along.
I enjoy just going with the flow and even though you have the essence of the idea don't always know what your going to find at the end.