One wizard and a Ghoul

Just thought I would pop in and say hello and show you a couple of pictures too.
This is a 24th scale Elven Wizard and a bit of a traveler. I am thinking of adding a worn and well traveled old hat....?
Here is another of my ghoul tyde dollys......its always fun making these and they sleep live in little coffins.
I will have to take some more pictures to show you where they rest.....I do have a little mini sweeny Ghoul doll that wants to say hello....he did have a Mrs Lovit but she went home with someone else....poor mr Todd!

Julie xxx

Witchy Poos

Good grief.....almost missed Kat the Hats Halloween blog party ....blush, blush!! Please pop over to kats lovely blog if you havent there are some fantastic go put the kettle on or your fave tipple and pop on over.
Been viewing a house and signing papers ect...hence being so late.........Anyway wont go on, are a few piccys, they are a bit rushed and not brilliant....right will stop waffling away...for :O)

Esimae the Gold witch 12th scale
Hetty the 24th scale witch
Ghoul Tyde Dolly