Mini monsters

All finished.......
I had a lot of fun with these although large Lily was my third attempt and im not all that happy with her, although I do like the others.
Unfortunatly the first Lily I made too big and the second got burnt in the oven. I think I should have maybe stepped away......but its all part of the learning curve.
Talking of learning ...Hermans jacket was the first mens/monsters I have made and is removable too! So I was chuffed about that and although I can see faults with it, the experience has taught me a lot.
When it came to mini 24th hermans jacket I was able to make his with a bit more ease and again its removable.

The Piccy challenge!

Julie of Bellabell dolls asked me to find the 4th pic from the 4th file on the here it is.....most def not as cute as Julies little Ellie!
This is a bald, rough around the edges12th scale Herman, body parts for 12th lily lying at 24th lilys feet....and last but not least ....24th herman who was waiting for me to put him together.
They are all finished now and was thrilled to have them appear in AIM magazine this month.

I going to pass along the Bella sinclair award and the forth pic challenge to: