The Piccy challenge!

Julie of Bellabell dolls asked me to find the 4th pic from the 4th file on the here it is.....most def not as cute as Julies little Ellie!
This is a bald, rough around the edges12th scale Herman, body parts for 12th lily lying at 24th lilys feet....and last but not least ....24th herman who was waiting for me to put him together.
They are all finished now and was thrilled to have them appear in AIM magazine this month.

I going to pass along the Bella sinclair award and the forth pic challenge to:


  1. I love, love, love them Julie. Cant wait to see the finished 1/24th Herman. Bless you and thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Julie, they are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Julie , what is the challenge? sorry I am lost, grin.

  3. Absolutely fabulous Julie, you know I am in love with your Herman !!!
    fab pic :0)
    julie xxx

  4. Hi Julie,
    How are you?
    Lovely to see you back again and thank you for stopping by. It is always good to hear from you!:)
    I am very touched, that you thought of me when giving out this fabulous award. It is one of the best ones. However I have a notice on my blog now saying that I am no longer receiving anymore awards or tags. I'm sorry about this.
    I have recently received 8 awards and another tag sent all at once from people and I can't keep up with writing about them all. I feel it is not really fair to except some and not others. So I have decided not to have any on my blog. It is a bit of a shame.:(
    If you like please pass my award to someone else who is more deserving of it, as it is a special one.
    Congrats on having your work in a magazine!:) Lily and Herman are my favourite characters of your wonderful sculptures. You deserve the recognition!
    Best wishes.

  5. Joanne its fine about the award and i do understand.....:O)
    Glad you liked Herman too.
    Debie, Patricia and Julie thanx also for the lovely compliments.
    Enjoyed looking back at the photo files.

  6. I am just hoping to all hope that I can somehow come up with Addams Family dolls as charming as these guys!! I want to try it on my own but I am a bit scared. Congrats on the magazine! - ara

  7. Ara you should give it a go.....loving the characters like you do is half the battle and its great fun when you see them appear:O)
    I made a large lily to go with herman and she isn't right but i do like 50/50 result.
    Loved the 4th of the 4th pic of the dog on your blog, very cute

  8. julie, you would think I am retarded but I can't figure out about the picture thing.... is that a 4th picture from my computer .... but what file? sorry I have been so busy and all I can honestly say is that my squishy time is to visit you and my blog friend and see what everyone is doing... sending you my love...smiles

  9. Lol Patrica........its the 4th picture from the forth picture file on your comp. The picture can be anything and this challenge has thrown up allsorts......dogs wearing jackets was one of them and a sweet baby another, along with some art works.,,,,,i love looking at everyones blogs!
    I also love the idea of squishy time.....:O)

  10. Wonderful dolls Julie! I love your work!
    Thank you for thinking of me...I will try to find the 4th picture but it might end up being something a bit bizarre!! LOL
    Eileen xxx