Thought i would post some pics of past dolls. They are from the grandmother and grandchild series that I quite often find myself drawn back to from time to time.....i think its just such an emotional and magical bond.
Inspired from the tale of the Little matchstick girl . Feb 2008
Tudor servants - grandmother and grandchild. Feb 2009


  1. They are beautiful Julie. They remind me of my nan, maternal side. Will of iron with a soft inside, she was my rock. When or if I become a Nanna I am going to have long grey hair in plaits and of course, wear purple and have a fairy garden at the bottom of my garden. Ooooooo tripping LOL. Well back to the dolls, wonderful :O)
    Debie xxxx

  2. Oh, how wonderful! Right away I thought of my dear 'grammies' who are now angels in Heaven.

    Your dolls are fabulous . . . I just love 'Frankenteeny' . . . too cute and 'Lily Munster' is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so lovely Julie, the little match girl is one of my favourites.
    I've been instructed that now I am a grandma I must get fat and grey ! well I'm not keen on that but I am wearing purple LOL
    so glad you posted these, I've missed your posts !
    julie xx

  4. Thanx everyone, I feel very flatterd that they remind you of your own granmas.......
    Julie you will never be fat but i do know your a wonderful granma yourself:O)

  5. your dolls are exquisite, so much character

  6. Hi Julie,
    You have been chosen for the The Byrum Spiritual Award

    This award means... "You make a difference ... I know, because you have for me!"

    Thank you for being such a creative and wonderful person!



  7. Ruthie thank you for such a lovely compliment and Silke thank you soo much for my award, it was a lovely thing to find today:O)

  8. Gorgeous dolls! I just love the Tudor Pair.

    There's an award for you over on my blog. ;-)

  9. You do incredible dolls. I love what you do.
    Thank you for becoming a fan of my blog.