Herman gets a head

Well its not been the most productive of weeks but had the best of intentions....Got Herman Munsters head just about sculpted and wrestled with Lily but she would not come out of the clay...........so will have to watch a few episodes of the Munsters .........all in the name of research of course ...lol!!
I still have my 24th scale witches to trim and one to wig so WILL get that done this week and post some pictures up soon!
I also have a 12th scale witch or two on the go and while im thinking about it, you should check out Bellabelle's Blog she has some fantastic new dolls.

Anyway here is a peep at Hermans head...... still unbaked wet clay in need of some scraping and adjustments.
Hes 12th scale but a 24th is on the drawing board


  1. He he, looks like fun. I wish I had something as interesting to do today! x

  2. LOL any excuse to watch the munsters !
    He is looking fab so far, cant wait to see him when he is ready,
    julie xx

  3. Hes wonderful I cant wait to see him either.
    I loved the Munsters too, ahh the memories.

    Debie xxx

  4. Incredible! I love him!!!

  5. Hi! I saw your avatar - Lily - on someone elses Blog and knew that I had to see more - I LOVE the Munsters. Currently I am working on an Addams Family Dollhouse and I am watching as many episodes as I can - I look forward to seeing your dolls come alive (no pun intended)!

  6. Thank you so much for all the lovely remarks:O)
    Ara i stopped by your blog earlier and i will deff be back for another peep of the mansion......Munsters and now the Addams...yummy:O)

  7. Brilliant Sculpt. Even my "Boys" were impressed.