A nice Suprise

Thank you Jain giddykipper
Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows
1) looked like a Sweeney Todd extra upon a time, white streak included.
2) Danced for the queen as a child
3) Don't like to be alone in the dark.........I know..... not a very brave....lol!
4) Hate the noise polystyrene packing makes!
5) Adore lightning storms
6) The mad cat women in training...with a few rabbits and other beasties to make life interesting
7) Love everything about the Autumn
Again thank you so much Jain, i have had a strange few months so was lovely surprise to find this waiting for me in blog land.
Lots of wonderful blogs to choose from...but i would like to pass this along to:


  1. LOL you dark horse you, dancing for the queen !
    lovely to see a blog post from you, I've missed seeing your fab creations so cant wait for some new dolls here....

    julie xxx

  2. Hello Julie:O)
    Just seen shiner and hes wonderful but i am in love with your ghost and his wild hair.
    I have some dolls sculpted and some on the table waiting to be finished. Will post up some pics when they are ready:O)

  3. Thank you so much for your comment...and for thinking of me with your award.
    I love your little creations...I have a soft spot for Lily!

  4. Thank you Thank you!! XXXXX
    I am trying to tackle the technos to get it on my blog and pass it on!!
    Next time I get some plastic packing I'll listen to what it does LOL
    Eileen XXX

  5. Your sculptures are lovely. We have included in our blog a new list for art-doll makers and miniature makers. I'm in love with Lily Munster since I was 8, and I think Herman is one of the most adorable characters I've ever known. He's good, helpful, loyal to his wife and family, and so funny and grumpy. So they both were very attactive for me when I first came here. But all your dolls are amazing. Always smiling like modern Giocondas.

    You're great. Take Care.

  6. Julie, Your monsters are amazing. I absolutely love them. Herman really looks like the actor who played Herman Munster ( he was great but for the moment i cant remember his name)Thanks for joining my blog. Penny aka FOLK ART by PENNY

  7. Thank you everyone for being so lovely.
    Does mean such a lot that you stop by and leave me such warm notes.

  8. Hi Julie, I love your work. Your dolls are great! Congratulations for your prize. I love Lily Monster too. I dressed up as Lily when I was twelve. Kisses

  9. Congratulations on receiving your blog award.
    It is really good to see you back again!:)
    You made me smile when you left a comment about hypnotising chickens!:)
    I have just left you a comment on your bald elves post as well!:)
    Have a lovely week.

  10. It's nice to visit you and read this post :) It's like an introduction to the secret life of Julie Kendell and on my 1st visit too :):) .

    Thank you Julie, for your interest in my blog. You are an incredible artisan and I am very flattered :):).

    I love your creations!