Ally Pally

I know i have been a bit quite this year but inbetween babys, commissions and other stuff....I have been busy getting ready for my first fair....... Ally Pally!!!

Talk about nerves and excitement all shook up in one bottle....
Im really looking forward to it but getting ready for just the one fair has set my knees shaking....for all those of you that do this throughout the have my upmost admiration!

I thought it was about time that i got back here and let you know what i have been up too.
I did start off with a to do list but that sort of got put in the bin and I have ended up with a right motley crew.
I have witches, wizards, spookies, some wierd little critters that dont even have a name yet and some toys for magical folk and the children of witches and wizards. Oh and cant forget for grown ups who never really grew up.....i put my own hand up to that one :O)

They are all in different stages of being finished but the one thing I have had finished for a while is the toys........I had great fun with these and have tons of ideas bouncing around for more.......they are just such fun to make.
The little one up top is 3.5 cm tall , not the best picture but it was taken rather quickly as im off to the hospital to see little Eli.
I will try and post some more when i get home....really hope you like her.



  1. I wondered when you would get round to showing these little ones Julie ! as you know already, I think they are fab and every little munster should have one :0)
    Your table is going to be amazing, I'm really looking forward to you unveiling your other creations, you've worked so hard the past few months,
    julie xxx

  2. Seguro que tendras mucha suerte en la feria.
    La muequita es una maravilla.
    Estoy deseando ver, todos los personajes que vas a llevar.
    besitos ascension

  3. I love her! I wish you lots of success at the fair- I think you will do awesome because your creations are always so fab ♥

  4. Darling girl, give you daughter and precious Eli an Olde Bagg squeeze, will ya?
    The little teeny doll is wonderful. I am sure that you will do well at the fair, how could you not with your talent and imagination. Glad to hear from you. Knew you weren't lost just busy....but the garden is waiting when the pace slows some. Just saying. The Olde Bagg Linda

  5. This is wonderful Julie, I really like it. Your going to do so well at Ally Pally. Give the new mom and little man some love from me too.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxx

  6. Hello!

    I love her! Great creation! I hope to see more photos of some of the others! :<)

    Wishing you well at the fair! They are a lot of work but so much fun!

    Barbara Diane

  7. Looking forward to visiting your stand at Ally Pally. It will be fun to visit an old haunt.

  8. Your new little doll is super - you'll wow them at Ally Pally!!

  9. that is so cute, I hope it blows them away!


  10. Julie your little Doll is lovely. Really looking forward to seeing all the others.
    I wish you every success at Ally Pally.xxxx

  11. Thanks everyone.....Little Eli is doing so well and was wonderful to get to see him again, i have a lovely picture i will pop up soon........i know, im such a granny:O)
    I loved making the little dolls, they made me smile loads...Debbie, i shall try and get some more pics up for you on Sunday.
    love n hugs

  12. I'll be at A.P too...hope to get time to say "hello".

  13. Hope so Mags..I have hubbs and my Amber comming along so might be able to have a wonder....Hows all the prep going , are you doing min as well??

  14. know I love these anyway!
    It's good to see you posting again too...I love the idea of your knees shaking...
    I just thought mine did it because of old age...:0)
    How is your new little bundle?

  15. Hello little bundle is putting on weight fast :O) Hope he will soon be home with mam.
    Trying to post a bit more but time keeps vanishing....


  16. What a great blog! I love the tiny figure and also the Munsters on your side-bar. :-)