In the last couple of days of have recieved two more awards , i really im so flattered that people have thought about me and sent them my way.
The first one was sent from my dear friend Julie from Bellabelle dolls
and the second was from my new friend Debie from Piskies and poppets.
I will pass along Julies in a few days after a wee think and then have a good think about my fave things for one from Debie...theres such a lot of nice people and things to choose from. Work wise I have finished my second 24th witch but im not too happy with you ever look at a doll and theres something missing......well this one has just that feel to her! I have a few ideas to play around with but she at least has some hair now.....poor thing had been very bald for a long time....bless:O) Talking of getting things finished i have neglected poor ole Herman.....i need a sound telling off and nudge to get motivated i think. Will deff have to sit myself down and get his limbs finished and attached.


  1. congrats on the awards! Oh..I love your witch! She's so tiny..but i bet very powerful!! LOl!
    Happy hauntings, Gail

  2. I'm on tenterhooks waiting for Herman julie !!!
    Will have to give you that sound ticking off soon ;0) I have a feeling he will be worth waiting for though.
    Thank goodness that poor wee witch has some hair ,now you have no excuses she needs an outfit ! Hope you wake with bucket loads of motivation ,
    love julie xxx

  3. Thank you Gail, means a lot:O) Julie you would laugh to much trying to tell me off, but your right i do need a ticking off:O)
    The witch has an outfit and is ready, but somethings not quite right...if you know what i mean:O)

  4. I'm sure you're just being overly self critical but I know what you mean! bring her with you on Friday and I'll see if I can spot anything wrong, methinks I would giggle too trying to tell you off though!

  5. Yep im set for friday, a bag of nerves, but nothing new there:O)

  6. HI, thank you so for visiting my faerietale of inspiration blog & following! good to meet you, i am loving your tiny creations!

  7. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for following me and your nice comments!
    I did send you a message but I don't think you received it?
    I love your Lily Munster doll. I use to enjoy watching the Munsters when I was a kid!
    You must make a Hairy Fairy next. Let me know if you do!:)
    Best fairy wishes Jo.xx

  8. Thanx Jo, Did you email or is there another message system you can use here....only been here a little while....newbie:O)I didn't get a message so wondering where its
    If you mailed i don't think my email is working form here if you can let me know I will try and sort it.......Try being the operative word here:O)

  9. I think the fairies must of stolen It!!:)
    No worries I have sent it again.x:)