I found out i recieved another award from Julie over the weekend.......many thanx ...blushing and feeling very humbled. Well along with Debies i now have lots of nice things i can choose:O)
My daughter moved out yesterday and its very empty and echos in her room now...Feel very sad standing there starring at the couple of boxes that remain.......I know shes not far away but it kind of brings it home to you they have left home.
Sorry about no new pics....What with decorating and the move, theres so much dust flying around , if i got the clay out i would end up sculpting a hairy fairy....:O)


  1. LOL at the hairy fairy , you could always do a troll !!!
    I really feel for you with jade moving. I'm always saying I cant wait for mine to fly the nest but you know I will be so sad when they do.
    Hope you get back to normal soon,
    in the meantime sending you a hug,
    julie xxx

  2. I know how you feel Julie - its really strange here since Dan moved out, he's been gone 2 weeks and I cant decide if it feels like 2 days or 2 months but it feels very odd. His room is still empty, I'm sure it won't be like it long though and Im sure she'll be back when her cupboards are empty or she has no clean clothes - its what mine does!(((((big hugs)))))

  3. Thanx you two....been a little low today, so its been nice to have some hugs.
    Lots of hugs back

  4. Hi again Julie,
    Just a thought and an enquiry. Do you make fairy doll commissions?
    If you do, please send me an email with a price (plus p&p cost) for a fairy doll.
    Many thanks Jo.

  5. Julie, sending you oooober hugs over the ether.

    You got awards because you are so talented and wonderful.

    Now a hairy fairy thats an idea.........

    Debie xxxxxx

  6. Thanx for the extra hugs:O) I actually have one hairy fairy lined up....but not with house dust....lol....watch this space as they say:O)

  7. Hello Joanne:O)
    I have sent you a mail....fingers crossed its all up and running now....:O)

  8. I can't imagine my little one leaving home! HUG HUG!! It's good though...them growing up and branching out on their own...it has to be done...and there's never anybody quite like your mum so you'll always have that special connection. EileenXXX