A lick of paint!

Had to double check how long its been since i last wrote and trying to think where the time has flown off too? Well apart from turning our bedroom upside down after the notion that it needed decorating...as you do. One of the problems is that my studio space/corner is in my bedroom and my clay and long awaited trims have been put away in that "safe place"........what more can i say :O)
Its bound to turn up........only in one of the many boxes that was packed to keep things safe...lol.
To add to this we have our daughter moving out on Saturday and then we have her younger sister awaiting her room.........one small problem is the small house and its quirky corners.....to move anything such as a bed, it has to be taken apart and put back together again.........so as you can imagine everything becomes a tad jigsaw like......mmmmmmmm.....happy days....... :O)
Why does a lick of paint become a marathon.........lol!
Anyway a few more days (all pinkies crossed) and everything will look lovely and the dust will have settled enough to get out the clay.........wherever it is :O)


  1. Good luck with all your re- arranging Julie, hope your back to normal soon..

  2. Thanx Debbie but as far as normal is concerned...whats that?.....LOL!!

  3. You watch your back O'Wonderful one. Fingers crossed for a smooth room move. (hugs)

    Debie xxx

  4. Not done myself any favours this week but its almost done now...so its all good:O)
    Take care you and thanx for the concern xxxxx
    Loved your goody bag.....Just waiting for your creation to appear now....no pressure:O)

  5. Don't you go overdoing things though - need you to be fit to dolly next weekend! I have an award for you to collect on my blog when your ready :o)